Charles Hoke (TE, Birmingham, AL) - One of the South's top prospects was in town for the Ole Miss/Auburn game. We called to see how his visit went."/>

South Hot 100 TE Visits Rebels

Charles Hoke

<a href="http://scout.[NETWORKDOMAIN]/a.z?s=177&p=8&c=1&nid=1174981"><b>Charles Hoke</b></a> (TE, Birmingham, AL) - One of the South's top prospects was in town for the Ole Miss/Auburn game. We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Charlie Hoke, Charles' father:

How is Briarwood Christian's season going? "They are 5 - 4. They finished 3rd in their conference, but they still made the playoffs. They start Friday."

How is Charles' season coming around? "It is going pretty good. He has 39 catches for 475 yards."

What most has he improved in? "Probably his blocking. Since recruiting started, he plays more tight end since that is where he will play in college. He is always working on his blocking."

Has Charles had a chance to attend any college games this fall? "Yes, he has. He has gone to Alabama twice, Auburn twice, and he went to Ole Miss last weekend. He is enjoying getting to go to some of the closer games. I did let him drive to Ole Miss this past weekend though."

Did anyone accompany Charles on his Ole Miss trip? "He went with a friend. They said they had a real good time. He got to talk to several of their coaches. He enjoyed the trip."

What did he learn about Ole Miss during his trip? "I could not answer that for him. He got over there about mid afternoon. He spent some time in the Grove, went to the game, and then went on a tour for their facilities. He stayed over night with a friend of his from here, got up, went to Church and came back late Sunday afternoon. I think he just had a real good time."

Has Charles had a chance to set up any official visits? "No, we are kind of looking at his basketball schedule. We have got to figure out which weekends he can get away."

Which schools is Charles talking to about taking an official visit? "He has been talking to Alabama, Ole Miss, Vandy, Duke, and North Carolina. There are another handful who call sporadically, but that group calls every week."

Which schools have now given Charles a scholarship? "He has written offers from Alabama, Auburn, Vandy, Duke, Georgia Tech, Clemson, North Carolina, and Louisville. He has not received a written offer from Ole Miss. They have been systematic in calling each week. Coach Cutcliffe has even called here a few times."

As a parent, do you look at it differently from the schools who have given a written offer from the schools who have given your son a verbal offer? "Ole Miss has been recruiting him very hard, telling him they want him over there. Charles has not directly asked if he had one, but my feeling is if he is ready to commit (to Ole Miss), I think they would take him. If he goes to Ole Miss, I guess I will worry about that next. Some schools he has written offers from, but they do not keep in touch, then there are your schools like Ole Miss who call every week. We go by who keeps in touch."

When your family is trying to find the best fit for Charles; what will be the factors? "Ideally, we would like a very good academic school with a very good football program. That is at the top of the list. Beyond that, where he feels the most comfortable and where he has a good relationship with the staff. He is not afraid to compete for a job, so he is not that worried about the depth chart. He is willing to compete and knows there will be good players at any school."

Charles carries a 4.35 GPA / 28 ACT. Recommended Stories