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Kyle Phillips out of Nashville, Tenn., took in Ole Miss' senior camp this week. The nation's #120 overall ranked player will make a few more pit stops in the near future.

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Kyle Phillips attended Ole Miss' elite camp last summer and has taken several unofficial visits to Oxford this past year. What was he wanting to get out of the latest visit?

"I just want to get more comfortable with the coaches," Phillips said before the camp started. "I just want to see how they coach and see how they are. That is really want I want to see on this trip. I have been to a couple of their games though so I am pretty familiar with their coaching style. They do more teaching than yelling and I like that. They are really engaged with their players. I see that they care about their players a lot. That is really important to me. That's the main thing that I am focused on (with my recruitment). I want to see how they react to their players."

When we last spoke Kyle stated that Ole Miss and Tennessee were coming after him the hardest. Has anything changed?

"Yea, I would say that, yes."

What does Tennessee and Ole Miss do differently?

"Well. It is just how they approached me from the start, but I would not say it is just those two schools. I would say Ohio State and Alabama are coming after me like Tennessee and Ole Miss. It is not that the other schools are not coming after me hard too. I just think those four always check to see how I am doing and always send me hand written letters. They are recruiting me the most."

What stands out about Ohio State right now?

"They have a good program. Urban Myers won a couple national championships at Florida. I just really like their program. It is nice. I have a couple family members up North too. That is another thing I like about them."

Alabama's winning ways has also caught his eye.

"It is the same thing. They have a winning program. They are recruiting me pretty hard. I am just really excited to see what they are going to do this upcoming year."

What are Ole Miss' positives?

"They are young team and really talented. I love their campus and things like that at Ole Miss. The coaches are very personable. That is the biggest thing I like about Ole Miss, their coaches."

The Vols hold some of the same traits as the Rebels.

"I say they are similar to Ole Miss with them being pretty young and talented. I feel like I would have a chance to play early at Tennessee. Their coaches are the same as Ole Miss'. They are very personable."

Where does he get that "homey" feeling when he is on someone's campus?

"I am not sure. I do not know. It is just a feeling I get when I am on a visit. I ask myself if I could see myself on that campus for four years? You do not feel it at every school but I do feel it at Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Alabama. Those are the schools I have been to the most. After I take in a couple more visits this summer I might have a new one."

Is there a time-frame for a decision?

"I think in the middle of the season. I want to take my officials before I make a decision I just want to go somewhere I feel most comfortable. That is the main thing for me. I just want to go where I fit in the best."

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