Coming Back Home

Coming Back Home

Jeremy Liggins is one of the more talked about recruits to ever come out of Oxford. But the saga looks to be over. He's decided to enroll at Ole Miss in January as a true freshman.

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"I'm taking some college courses at Northwest Community College in Oxford this semester," Liggins said. "I've decided to enroll at Ole Miss in January. I can't tell you how excited I am about having the opportunity to represent my hometown school and the state of Mississippi. I've learned a lot of things since I graduated from high school and the biggest thing I learned is to know who has your back and who doesn't."

What were the other factors in his decision to announce for Ole Miss?

"It's home. It's where I feel comfortable playing ball and living. I know a lot of the guys on that team and I fit in there. They have a lot of Mississippi players on that team that I grew up playing ball with and competing against. I feel like we can do a lot of good things together."

Liggins broke a lot of hearts around Ole Miss when he announced for LSU last February on the Square in Oxford. Liggins hopes all will all be forgiven.

"I just want to apologize for all of that. I hope everyone can forgive me. I've always loved Ole Miss and just got caught up in the moment. I knew right after I signed with LSU that it was a mistake, but I didn't know what to do. I didn't even know where I was going to announce when they got me to commit to make my announcement on the Square. I felt like I would be letting them down by backing out of it but that's what I should have done. It was a mistake. Hopefully I can make up for it when I help Ole Miss go down to Baton Rouge and leave there with a win."

The 2011 All-State athlete has attended all of Ole Miss' home games this fall, including the Auburn game.

"I think exciting times are ahead for the Ole Miss football program. I just love how Coach Freeze and his staff handle themselves. They want to be a part of a winning tradition. The next year or two you better be watching out for Ole Miss because we're going to be a force in the SEC."

Liggins broke many records during his high school stay at Lafayette while leading his team to a 34-game winning streak and two state titles. That included over 9,000 yards of offense and 100 touchdowns.'s No. 19 rated quarterback in the 2012 class is still unsure of the position he will play in college.

"They're recruiting me as an athlete. I don't care where I play, really. They can put me on the defensive line, tight end, quarterback, even offensive line. I really don't care. I just want to help Coach Freeze win a championship. He's had my back the whole time during this, and I'm just going to go in there and give it my all. I also want to win it for the Ole Miss fans. They deserve it. They've been through so much through the years, and I want to be a part of the team that brings them in a ring. That's all I care about, really."

The 6' 4", 275-pound Liggins has been working out with a personal trainer to get in top shape this semester. He also has a personal tutor to help him make his needed ACT score.

"I work out every day. I feel like I'm getting in real good shape. I'm taking a few classes at Northwest right now so I can earn some college credits before I get to Ole Miss, and I'm taking an ACT prep course to help me out with the test. I just need to get two more units (half of a point) on the (ACT) test to become a full qualifier. I'm about to retake it. I've improved on the test each time I've taken it. I go up a few units each time I take it. I feel really good about it."

Other colleges have kept in touch with Liggins but he has already given those schools the news.

"LSU wants me to come back. Coach Miles said he wants me back in January but I'm going to Ole Miss. Coach Saban (at Alabama) also wants me to sign with them in December but I told him I'm going to Ole Miss. They said they were going to keep recruiting me until I signed, but nothing is going to change my mind. Coach Freeze is the only one that stayed with me through thick and thin and I'm going to give him everything I got. I just can't wait to put on that Red and Blue. It's a lifelong dream of mine."

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